Is your organization opting for the cloud strategy? Well, if your employers have made the decision to implement the cloud services, then it’s time to applaud them. Finally, they are all set to take a big step towards the technological trends, embracing the forthcoming, which promises for better and improved efficiency, dexterity, and competitiveness.

As a stakeholder, it is crucial for you to look at the various approaches in order to make any strategy a success. For this, you need to enable the prodigious cloud app, which is why our team at Bluechip, Dubai aids in providing you with apt cloud performance and stress-free user experience. Besides, certainly, you require a resilient cloud security strategy in order to defend your business from universal coercions that are mounting in frequency and complexity.

Real Time Connectivity Management

Transmuting Branch Office Connectivity with Bluechip

The contemporary data center readiness is fabricated of peripatetic workers as well as several offices of diverse dimensions. The major complexity most of the business owners face is the branch connectivity, which is somehow left out from their IT infrastructure’s transformation effort. The days of having only one main headquarter for the data center are long gone, administrations have to find a way for simplifying the manner in which the branch office connectivity will work.

Earlier, when we used to talk and sight about connectivity, we could see that the mode to connecting the nodes to the data centers was with the help of a private protocol layer known as Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) circuits. This switching mechanism is used to route the traffic within a network as the data is transferred from one node to another. It supports several networks that include VPN, QoS, and TE.

Recognizing the Need to Network Scalability

For disseminated organizations, linking remote or main offices can be an intricate, expensive, as well as time-consuming process. Bluechip, Dubai provides you with a plethora of IP support and solutions to meet the most common telephony needs of corporations for branch office connectivity.

By setting up the latest and novel VoIP gateways successions, remote and satellite offices that are all prepared to get easily connected in order to company headquarters by means of the wireless area network (WAN), letting free inter-premises calling rather than investing your money on expensive long-distance callings among offices. Additionally, it also aids in cost reductions, which you can easily achieve by coalescing a mobile interface within the VoIP gateways that allows the customers to make low-cost calls from one cellular device to another.

If your organization opts for the VoIP phones, you can easily save a huge amount, as these phones cost much less than you can anticipate, compared to the conventional phones you use in your offices. With globalization becoming one of the major business features, using VoIP phones provides companies with convenience and security. As the IP phones use the internet as a connectivity medium, it becomes easy for you to log in to your telephone irrespective of the place you are.

Flexibility and Real-time Connectivity Management

With the VoIP telephone converter or adaptor, it becomes easy for you to use your traditional phones as a VoIP system. All you need is to purchase the converter or adaptor and plug into your system and install the software. The VoIP phones come with several features, helping the organizations to achieve the impossible source of communication. Besides making regular phone calls, you can also conduct call and video conferencing.

Once you decide to purchase the latest VoIP phones, you will see that this technology offers you a number of benefits. You don’t need to be stationed at one place to receive or make calls, and you can connect from any location that lets the businesses to lessen the expenditures by positioning the main office procedures at remote locations.

It benefits the employees as well as employers because their everyday operations seem going at the same pace even though the employee isn’t present in the office premises. VoIP users can make or receive calls from any location they want. Bluechip provides the permeated ways to subordinate the long-distance phone prices by using the internet and corporate IP network rather than using the traditional telephone switched network.