Technology has taken an enormous power-run in making the businesses more successful. With the information technology getting applause from one and all, the telecommunication industry has also taken a step in this revolution, by combining with IP technology, the telecom industry has developed VoIP telephony solution in order to help businesses with smooth communication in and out of their organization.

Endowing Communication with Dlink SIP Phones

At Bluechip, we have a team of engineers that helps you to provide remote as well as onsite solutions. Our employees reach at your locations to help you with Dlink installation without forfeiting the feature-rich proficiencies of your Dlink telecommunications systems. With Dlink SIP phones, there is no need for a phone jack, which makes it easy for you to move your IP office phones to wherever you want by just a simple means of plugging into the separate data port.

Dlink is the universal trailblazer, esteemed designer, award-winning developer, and respected manufacturer for the IT and telecom products that helps you in facilitating networking effectively with products like wireless modems, broadband, data and voice communications as well as congregated connectivity solutions for the organizations.

In addition to this, Dlink not only provides products for office use, but also for the digital home customer. With the help of revolutionary technology, Dlink telephone focusses on numerous basic networking products segment that helps in addressing the needs and requirements of customers at the apiece level for the growth of an organization.

Planning to install Dlink VoIP PBX systems in your office helps you to achieve smooth and consistent communication. Moreover, this feature provides you with supple, network solutions in order to stay accumulated with today’s fluctuating business landscape. Their tractability effortlessly provisions multiple offices, a peripatetic workforce, as well as ever-changing the size of your personnel.

Telecommunication Products for all your Business Needs

Dlink provides feature-rich phones for small and medium scale businesses. Dlink has been profound in addressing the needs of a business for its IP telephony needs for the small and medium scale business segment. With the ground-breaking Dlink phones are harmonized with the necessities and requirements of this telephony system in the market as well as is aiding to provide excellence and is engendering massive interests through the Middle East and the UAE.

Dlink phone is specifically designed to heighten communications among the organizations, reducing the operating expenditures as well as providing companies with an inexpensive and comprehensible SIP telephony solutions and support. By setting up the figurative deal, helping the organization to enrich its telecom network with advanced and refined communication solutions.

Bluechip offers you with easy plug and play solutions with much more simplistic and malleable configuration options. In addition to this, Dlink telephone systems are completely operable with prominent accommodated as well as open-sourced IP PBX telephone platforms that are all set in order to provide you with a range of business-rich functionality, helping you to provide excellence to your customers.

The Dlink phones come with several features that help in making your communication much more accessible, including call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail to email, intercom, fax to email, call log, call directory, one-touch conferencing, numerous extensions, as well as a number of unified communications tools.