Trusted Telecommunication Provider Cultivating your Organization

When you decide to collaborate with Bluechip as your telecom partner, we ensure that you are in control of your forthcoming endeavors as well as endowing your association with the proficient team of telecom services. With the latest telecom technologies, we provide systems from the leading manufacturers like office, hotel, and home telephone systems.

In addition to this, our team aims to provide you with telecommunication systems for branch office connectivity, ensuring next-gent phone system installation, providing annual maintenance contracts to businesses of all sizes. In addition to this, we also provide the finest telecom consulting services, GSM, VoIP, gateways, and more solutions.

At Bluechip, Dubai, our telecom engineers are endowed in providing specialized hotel phone systems for companies in and around the UAE and the Middle East for several years. We strive to provide our customers with expert business-level services as well as solutions at affordable prices, which will work for small-scale and medium-scale businesses.

The total time and experience that we have devoted have constructively helped our team to cultivate the best practices as well as efficient workflow techniques through a preemptive viewpoint, which is designed to hold onto your emphasis on the organization, not technology.

Taking your Hospitality System to New Heights

In order to succeed in the hotel industry, so having the latest telecommunication systems and solutions at a place is crucial. Industries in the hospitality sector can endow all the next-gen technologies in order to improve their outcome by progressing towards the telephony systems to reliable and cost-effective IP PBX systems.

Working afar from the internal and external calls, having the advanced communication system requires to make it able for the hotel industries to countenance the visitors to communicate in an easy manner with the staff through a different means, no matter where they are positioned. We aim to permit a diversity of ingenious functions, such as room status allocation programmed to wake up calls, text messaging, and many more that are used to rationalize with the registration desk as well as make sure any call from the guests is never missed.

With excellent hotel telephone systems trademarks, the best-matched systems that are used in the hotel industry, we at Bluechip provides you with affordable products and the latest tools for your hotel industry. We provide you with the hotel telephone systems that are assimilated impeccably with property management systems.

As the leading service provider in Dubai, we comprehend that all these facets that are needed by a hotel are customized and designed solutions, offering budget-friendly services with great support. Choosing the best telephone systems for a hotel is an essential element in providing efficiency, productivity, and brilliance. There are several businesses that provide reliable, scalable, and efficient solutions, as well as, and they entail features towards the hospitality industry.

End-to-end Communication Ensuring Value Added Service to Your Hotel Industry

Providing exceptional services, where customers can, at the present time, anticipate swift and consistent services. Ensuring immediate and easy registration desk for check-in and check-out procedures. With a wide array of easy deployment receivers that are personalized to clients' needs and requirements.

With the updated pre-setup and minimum volume telecom products, the guests won’t be able to miss any wake-up call ever. Our incorporated system notifies the hotel staff about any unreciprocated calls. The avant-garde telecom system that you choose for your hotel industry will rely on the demands of your corporation as well as the financial plan that is available to make a robust communications network.

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