Phone System for Office – PBX / PABX

Today's small business phone systems provide far more than simply a dial tone. A small office phone system is being more integrated into a network—an Internet Protocol (IP) network that connects data, audio, video calls, wireless, messaging, and other company communications tools and services.

Whether it's a small business or a major corporation, an IP Corporate Telephone System makes simple and complex business communication more affordable. An IP PBX System is created when the benefits of conventional telephony collide with IP technological convergence.

When it comes to corporate telephone systems, there aren't many that do as excellent a job of harnessing the benefits of old telecommunications while simultaneously adopting current IP technology in order to provide the finest Communication Solutions.

Office PBX Phone Systems in Dubai

We recognise that your company's telecommunications infrastructure will be its backbone. Your organisation will always be linked with the proper telecom goods and solutions. Aside from that, it evolves with your company and delivers technological tools that help you succeed. We make certain that our customers receive the best Telephony solution possible. We can grasp your particular corporate communication goals and help you fulfil them because of our extensive experience and competence in this industry.

Avaya Phone System

Your calls, messages, conferencing, video conferencing, and customer administration are all combined into a single, extensible Avaya IP Office PBX System. The most common Avaya phone systems for small business clients is Avaya.

Grandstream Phone System

Business phone systems from Grandstream are Powered by a feature-rich, powerful platform with plenty of system resources. The Grandstream IP PBX System is a corporate telephony solution that supports voice, video, data, and mobility.

Cisco Phone System

You can take full advantage of integrated voice and data networks while maintaining ease and user-friendliness with Cisco PBX Phone Systems.

Panasonic Phone System

Panasonic Office Phone System helps you save money by using existing data networks and providing DECT phone access to your mobile workforce. Panasonic's entry-level PABX system meets all of a small business's needs at a reasonable price.


In the communication business, NEC delivers the greatest telecom technology platform. NEC offers a variety of phones and phone systems to enable organisations to take advantage of this more comprehensive solution.

Yeastar phone system

Yeastar is a phone system designed for small and medium-sized businesses that is simple to administer. Yeastar MyPBX's robust license-free capabilities let you get the most out of your communication solution.

Dlink Phone system

Dlink provides an extendable and dependable infrastructure for SIP-based telephony. Dlink's phone systems are ideal for both corporate and household use. When you choose the Dlink Phone system for your company, you'll have a system that's ready to take your corporate communication to the next level.

SIP IP Phones

SIP IP Phones can be used with an IP PBX telephone system that supports the SIP protocol. We can assist you in choosing the best VoIP phone for your PBX system.

If you still use a traditional business phone system, you should seriously consider replacing it. There are several superior IP phone systems available that enable you to communicate with your consumers in a modern manner. Advanced communication functions are included with VoIP Telephony, as well as scalability and resilience. A hardware IP phone may be connected directly to a network system port using an IP telephone system.