IP Telephony In Dubai

We are the leading IP telephony solutions provider, with our primary focus on IP telephone management. IP communication is an enticing innovation because of its major emphasised advantages of reduced tolls, increased profitability, flexibility, and advanced features. VoIP has been chosen by a huge number of our clients all throughout Dubai (UAE) as a practical and straightforward method of communication. 

Instead of using the traditional committee circuit-changed connections from PSTNs, IP Telephony solutions use internet-based bundle exchanged associations for the trading of various forms of information such as voice, fax, and so on. IP communication is an interesting innovation because of its cost reductions, increased profitability, flexibility, and advanced features. Businesses are increasingly migrating from traditional copper-wire telephone systems to VoIP systems in order to reduce their monthly telephone bills.

Flexible VoIP solutions enable you to communicate with phones located all over the world. These solutions are cost-effective and scalable. Avaya, Yealink, Panasonic, and Grandstream phone systems have all been installed by Bluechip. All of your offices may be combined into a single phone system using our solutions. Our solutions enable you to conduct your business operations successfully, even if your offices are in various places.

Reliable and Scalable Communication with Bluechip, Dubai

You'll lessen the potential risks and productivity depletion that come with having several solutions in your office by reducing the complexity. Your workforce is more connected and empowered, which allows them to become better customer advocates and increase brand loyalty. IP Telephony makes use of VoIP standards to develop a telephony system that can support sophisticated call routing, voicemail messages, contact centres, and other services.

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  • Create unforgettable encounters with ease. Let's transform how people see your company from the inside out.
  • Give each customer a memorable experience
  • A positive staff experience is a foundation for a positive customer experience.
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Businesses may use VoIP technology to operate phone, data, and video applications over their current IP network. Bluechip IP telephony solutions are value-added services that may be combined with other services to build a unified IT infrastructure customised to your company's needs.

Value-Added Solutions with Bluechip

Bluechip IP Telephony may cut monthly telephone costs by up to 70%, which is why many small businesses are switching to it. Because of the superior quality of Internet calling, the overall costs of a Bluechip IP Telephony Solution are much lower than traditional phone services. Being able to make use of IP Telephony Solution components and low-effort internet calling allows your independent business to reach a wider range of clients, both locally and globally.

We are the top Bluechip IP Telephony Solution provider in the UAE, and we can provide a variety of IP phone models to meet your needs. Avaya, Cisco, Grandstream, Yealink, and Samsung phones are part of the deal. Contact us if you need an IP phone for your workplace in Dubai, UAE. With a maintenance contract, we can provide and install phones anywhere in the UAE.