Today's business environment requires greater connectivity among stakeholders, vendors, customers, employees, and supervisors – and small businesses often succeed or fail based on the effectiveness of their communications systems – relying on traditional phone companies for technology and service is often an expensive, time-consuming, and tedious process.

As a result, many organisations are faced with the decision of whether to invest in a VoIP phone system or stick with their old PBX system. Traditional PBX, and also hosted and on-premise PBX, require a thorough understanding to make the best option for you (VoIP).

VoIP telephone system and traditional analogue PABX telephone system Traditional PABX systems link all phones to a central unit through separate cables, and thus are limited in current corporate communication functions. The TCP/IP network protocol stack is used by a VoIP Phone System [IP PBX] to offer network connectivity and communication. An IP PBX Mechanism serves as the core switching system for phone calls within a company's phone system.

PABX Solutions with Bluechip

We provide full PBX/PABX and contact centre solutions to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. We recognise that your company's telecommunications infrastructure will be its backbone. Your organisation will always be linked with the proper telecom goods and solutions. Aside from that, it evolves with your company and delivers technological tools that help you succeed. We make certain that our customers receive the best Telephony solution possible. We can grasp your particular corporate communication goals and help you fulfil them because of our extensive experience and competence in this industry.

Most firms who operate or want to acquire a business telephone system are unfamiliar with industry jargon. It's especially true for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), where a lack of specialised IT or other technical employees means a lack of awareness of current technological developments. The business telephone market is rapidly evolving to keep up with all of the technical and business process developments that are occurring within the company.

Solutions Tailored To Your Specific Needs

If you still use a traditional business phone system, you should seriously consider retiring it. Because there are several outstanding IP phone systems available, you may communicate with your consumers in a modern manner. The flexibility to connect a number of devices and applications beyond standard desk phones is one of the advantages of investing in a corporate VoIP telephone system. 

However, with so many options for making and receiving calls, determining the best phone arrangement for your company's needs can be difficult. Advanced communication functions are included in VoIP Telephony, as well as a large level of scalability and robustness. You can link hardware IP phones to a standard network system port using an IP telephone system.

Your company deserves high-quality telecommunications services. Bluechip IT Company in Dubai has built a reputation as an economical PABX telephone system provider for all sorts of small and medium-sized enterprises in Australia. It specialises in providing a long-term and dependable PABX system to assist organisations in saving money, time, and resources. With our responsive business phone system, businesses can also attract a varied spectrum of customers from a variety of industries.