Telephone Open ERP Integration

With simple connectors, you may streamline your business's operations!

Grow past all of your annoyances with a single integration procedure. One of the best Odoo integration service providers, IT Company Dubai, assists with smooth interfaces to simplify and automate all of your work processes effectively. Ensure that you can easily and quickly satisfy all of your company requirements.

To make managing your business inside a single platform easier, we create and support interfaces with various third-party programs like payment gateways, social networking platforms, etc.

We contribute to the Odoo applications store with our specialized Odoo apps as an official Odoo partner in the UAE and other significant countries as well as a renowned Odoo ERP development firm. Several third-party programs may be easily incorporated by downloading these Odoo apps. Consequently, a straightforward and economical option to increase your productivity.

Telephone Open ERP Integration in Dubai

A collection of programs for enterprise administration is called Odoo, formerly known as OpenERP. focusing on businesses of all sizes. Billing, accounting, purchasing, manufacturing, warehouse management, and project management are all included in the application package. We provide an Odoo Telephone integration service with incoming call pop-ups and click-to-call functionality. A firm may benefit from Odoo CRM and Telephone system integration by increasing team efficiency and providing more flexible client service.

With caller identification, users can identify who is calling right away. The user will be able to follow any ongoing negotiations or other processes between both the caller and your business. If the caller is not already in your Odoo CRM database, you may create a new contact or lead for that call. Several duties that are related to incoming calls may appear on the computer.

Our CRM Telephony Integration solutions are built to be feature-rich, and marketable, and to match the increasing expectations of today's corporate environments. We provide telephone devices that can work with your company's software and support all communication channels, including IP, TDM, visual, wired, or wireless, and SIP Protocol.

Choose the office phone system that best suits your business from a wide range of options. Our telephone system installation services offer the most deployment flexibility while meeting any specialized corporate needs.

Choose Telephone Open ERP Integration with IT Company Dubai

Project Management

By comprehending how the ERP will affect the business, our highly qualified project manager will endeavor to ensure a seamless transition for the benefit of your company.

Business Automation

With the ideal automation method for business solutions, we assist our clients in reducing human error and increasing efficiency.

Inventory Management

With the right direction, you can streamline the inventory management process and keep the right amount of stock and inventory at a warehouse.


Industry-based services and solutions with thorough pre-built functionality to lessen customization and installation complexity.

The advantages of open-source ERP are well known in many corporate sectors, including increased productivity, better visibility, and a single point of truth for the whole company. In essence, ERP integration enables businesses to provide all those advantages over a wider range and deeper scope of activities throughout their whole organization.

For help installing a business phone system or purchasing telephone equipment in the UAE, get in touch with IT Company Dubai right now.