In the highly competitive world today, it is extremely important yet difficult for businesses to stay on the top in the market. For this, a systematic management solution is a prerequisite in order to propel effective workflow with a lucrative business approach as well as quality work experience. If the organization has a streamlined business process, it is anticipated that the organization will be able to produce maximum output.

Open ERP integration is an all-inclusive collection of business applications that involves sales, warehouse management, project management, financial management, manufacturing, human resource management, CRM, accounting, finance, and several other applications.

Smooth Integration in Just One Application

With the help of Odoo, you can easily manage all the business processes as well as customize your user interface. The open ERP integration tool is an exclusive modular approach, which lets the consumers to begin with a single application and can later add additional modules as well.

Bluechip offers you with the open ERP integration applications, and once you install this application you can apprehend increase in business revenue, diminish overall business cost, easy to upgrade, improve efficiency, easy maintenance, interactive, as well as user-friendly topographies, which makes it easy for everyone to manage the ERP solutions easily.

In addition to this, all the advantages flow in the right decision and tools, helping you to take your enterprise to the next level with the slightest efforts. Bluechip being an open ERP integration module, is your reliable implementation partner, where our team can help you in installing and implementing the Odoo ERP solution for your office.

Our team at Bluechip states that the marketers who plan to integrate with Salesforce aid in achieving as well as automating their complete workflow. Once you decide to associate with this technology, you will see that it lets you employ with the clients and customers easily, helps in follow up on profitable leads, as well as expedite the conference calls with your staff or clients. With Salesforce technology, your business can achieve everything on one single screen, which incorporates customer data and unpreserved opportunities.

Cost-Effective Solutions to Achieve Competence in an Organization

In Dubai, we have helped a plethora of organizations to manage to sever as well as diverse departments within an organization. Our team has successfully accomplished several projects locally, nationally, as well as internationally. Our ERP services are not bounded to a particular country, so we are your one-stop solution to get comprehensive solutions.

For countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, we are known as one of the most reliable organizations, as we initially try to understand the working culture of an organization, and then based on their infrastructure needs, our team creates solutions to overcome obstacles.

In order to improve the relations with the customers, we provide a rationalized service as well as the sales procedure with adeptness and effectiveness on your share, besides this, we understand that it cannot be accomplished by any manual or incompetent system, which is why we run Odoo as the most effective module.

Easy Invoicing

With this billing software, you can easily create as well as send professional beholding invoices and can earn money online. The system unswervingly assimilates with other ERP applications that help in billing spontaneously based on your actions.

Effortless Invoices

Odoo has made your life so easy, with just one click you can send invoices directly to your customers. The bill of lading is automatically attached to the electronic mail in the form of a PDF file, which makes it an excessive and unpretentious solution, which is not only useful SMBs but also for large-scale businesses.

Easy Accounting

The ERP module offers accounting software with a myriad of features and integrated solutions for all types and sizes of businesses. With the accounting software, organizations can achieve an efficient way of accounting and bookkeeping, helping the team to work with clientele and suppliers effectively. Galvanize features on request by an integrated investigative accounting to conduct financial plan, assets, as well as numerous companies’ alliance.

Inclusive E-Commerce

When it comes to this software, most people claim that all of these software and applications are the same, well not with Oddo, its e-commerce software isn’t something that you have seen. You can create a customized catalog for your products and great description pages. The open ERP integration app offers fully-featured and integrated management software that is completely customizable and extremely easy to work.