VoIP Gateway Solutions Dubai

VoIP gateway is one of an important fragment of a VoIP system. The call handling and routing architecture depends mainly on the technological aspects of the VoIP gateway the companies select. Therefore as a business is concerned the VoIP gateway plays an important role in delivering a quality and flexible operations. The best VoIP gateway solution that is of a great help to the operations is definitely an invaluable asset to the organization.
It is important for the VOIP installation to be precise since the performance and functionality depends on it. Any inconsistencies in the power and the cabling structure makes the system go wrong and lead to performance issues. Moreover it must be set up in a way that the system should work properly if the primary source of power goes down or in case of a technical glitch. Considering all these factors, choosing a good VOIP gateway solution is the perfect solution for the success.
Though most of the VOIP gateways are reliable, they are still susceptible to many issues that many systems face like the electrical problems, configuration issues, and many other outside factors. Choosing an experienced solution provider is the best option so as to minimize the issues associated with the gateways, since the VOIP gateway system is part of your tactical investment plan.

VOIP gateway solutions with IT solutions in Dubai

IT solutions in Dubai is the most preferred VOIP gateway solution provider in Dubai. We are the leading communications provider dedicated on meeting the calling needs of various industrial and corporates in Dubai. More number of businesses are accepting VOIP in their day to day communication needs, since it offers the flexibility, reliability, integrity and cost-effectiveness as well.

GSM Gateway

There has been an upsurge in the ratio of calls to mobile networks; with the current telephone systems the companies have to pay heftily on fixed to mobile calls. GSM gateways could be the perfect solution in bringing profitability to the organizations. We are specialized in integrating GSM gateway with the GSM networks directly into the existing telephone infrastructure. Using the GSM gateways will reduce the communication costs and other charges. We also offers gateways that provides continuous connectivity to 3G networks.


  • 1. Perfect for redundancy
  • 2. Good for T12 Outages
  • 3. Perfect in places where SIP connections are not available.
  • 4. Ideal for remote location calls where there is no internet

ISDN/PRI Gateway

Digital ISDN/PRI gateways are the perfect solution for small and medium enterprises looking for savings on money. This gateway allows you to make several parallel calls and is ideal for the call centers, government organizations, financial organizations and more. It extends the user comfort with the reduced call cost. It also allows us to make the remote maintenance and checks. The advanced features in the PRI gateway systems confirms an earlier return on money. As the communications and VOIP leader in Dubai, we are committed in providing the ISDN/PRI gateway solutions to many verticals including the IT organizations, Government organizations, Health care and other industries. You can contact us for more details we will be happy to help you in the designing and integration with existing telephony systems.

FXO Gateway

FXO gateways are an appropriate answer to your telephone systems. It connects the devices to the outside telephone line and support an alternative plan in case of an internet failure or a network glitch. Access to various POTs line is possible through the FXO gateway. It is ideal for the businesses that have various offices, since it keeps the local calls as local. Long distance charges can be eliminated by utilizing the local lines by connecting to a common IP PBX. The FXO gateways we use are trusted and branded and are compliant with the VOIP gateway standards. We delivers great value on the best performing FXO gateways which has a significant place in the communication world.

FXS gateway

Through FXS gateway system, it will be possible to connect varied set of analog phones to make and receive the VOIP calls over Internet. This system is suitable for offices users and can be installed to make calls between the branch offices. We are specialized in offering a scalable and reliable FXS gateway system in Dubai to organizations who are looking for the feasible call solutions through Internet. It can be managed remotely for troubleshooting, Upgrade, measuring performance.


  • 1. Call forward
  • 2. Call transfer
  • 3. Conference calls
  • 4. Caller ID
  • 5. SIP supporting
  • 6. Echo cancellation
  • 7. Session Border controllers

We are skilled in configuring and deploying session border controllers to exercise control over the signaling and telephone calls. Session Border controllers are the good solution to provide the security, routing and other functions in a VOIP network. In simple terms it is just like the firewall for the VOIP (Voice over internet protocol). We delivers the perfect system for you to handle every aspects including the security of phone calls that traverse over the IP network.
Are you looking for a VOIP gateway solution provider in Dubai? Please free to contact us for the VOIP solutions that assures a high return on investment.

By implementing systems that will help you monitor call volume, we can help managers evaluate who’s under performing and requires to further improve. IT solutions in Dubai continues to provide call center solutions for over 6 years to a variety of businesses in the mortgage industry, Debt Collection, Hospitality and beyond. We have extensive experience that we could put to work for you. We develop all-in-one solutions for organizations utilizing the most efficient modern technology and training best practices. We are able to train your sales floor to build more profitable relationships with clients so that you can take advantage of outbound dialing or inbound calling. Our Call Center Solutions, is used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a sizable amount of requests by telephone. Mostly a call centre is run by a company to administer incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. Outgoing calls are in the nature of telemarketing, clien follow up calls, debt collection etc. In addition to a call centre, collective handling of letters, faxes, and e-mails at one location is known as a contact centre. IT solutions in Dubai can provide small to large scale call center solution to your organization. Starting from two agents in single shift to hundreds of agents in multiple shifts.With powerful functionality and usability, feature-rich capabilities focused on a streamlined platform, our call center systems complemented by our dedicated tech support team and expertise, are set to maximize productivity and drive the strategic development of your company.

The portfolio of our services are meant to offer you a comprehensive IT support services in Dubai. It comprises of Data recovery, Business Relocation, Desktop Support, IT AMC Service, and Remote Support.

On-Call IT Support

Time and Quick on-call IT Support is essential for every business.If you don’t a have a support team in-house and you want a quick support we are here to help. The support is completely per hour basis [100 AED/ Hour] with a minimum charge of 100 AED.If a situation arises the issue cannot sort out remotely and a Site Engineer Visit required then charges and detail will inform you prior.

In any business point of view time is the important factor. How quick you or your employee recover from an IT related issue, directly related to his/her productivity.We understand it will and provide you with a quick support with just an email confirmation. The invoice and payments can settle later.