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A Comprehensive Guide On Cloud Based IP Phones

Thousands of companies switch to cloud-based phone systems every day. Continue reading to understand the distinctions between on-premise and cloud-based corporate phone systems, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as a comparison of the best-hosted voice providers.

Almost every company wants to know what the greatest Cloud-based phones in Dubai is because phones are still an important component of their IT infrastructure.

What is Cloud-Based Phone Service?

A cloud-based phones service, also known as an Internet-based phone system, Internet telephony, or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), is a phone system that uses the Internet rather than traditional phone lines to communicate.

Cloud-based phone systems rely on a set of phones to route all calls through an Internet connection. It doesn't rely on on-premise hardware, so your company won't have to pay for the expensive maintenance and infrastructure that comes with a typical phone system. To begin making calls for your business, all you need is a broadband Internet connection and a cloud-based phone service.

Voice signals are sent between two IP addresses using cloud-based phone services. Here's how it works step-by-step:

  • Vocal samples are split down into voice "packets," which are small enough to broadcast.
  • These packets are forwarded to the recipient after travelling across the Internet to the VoIP provider.
  • The call is routed through the VoIP provider's cloud-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX).
  • Any VoIP phone or landline may receive call data from there.
  • The data is converted back to vocal signals when it reaches its destination.

Why Use Cloud-Based Phone Services?


The cost-effectiveness of a cloud-based telephone system is perhaps the most appealing feature. They are, in reality, a low-cost alternative to standard phone networks. The sole additional expense of cloud-based phone service is Internet installation; although, if you already have one, you'll simply have to pay for setup and monthly payments. Most cloud solutions charge per user, provide unlimited local and international calling, and offer free on-network calling, all of which serve to save expenses. You may save your company a lot of money by using a cloud-based phone system.


Many firms begin small and eventually expand to employ hundreds, if not thousands, of people. Your phone system will expand with your company with cloud-based phone service. It is simple and straightforward to add phone lines, extensions, and other features. To modify the entire system, administrators just need to access their admin panel. This is in contrast to traditional phone systems, which require rewiring copper cable or tinkering with on-premise equipment to update or replace anything.


You have greater flexibility regarding how and where you work using a cloud-based phone system. Your workers may use the office cloud communication system from anywhere, such as their home office or when traveling for business. The majority of suppliers also include a smartphone or tablet application. These applications will have all of the capabilities and features of the cloud phone system, allowing your staff to access real-time data from any device.


Businesses of all sizes and sectors are increasingly turning to cloud-based phone systems. It provides consumers with a cost-effective, dependable, and adaptable phone system.

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