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CCTV Security Cameras Applications Pros and Cons

Making a selection for your business might be difficult with so many alternatives available—there are over 45 main brands of security cameras that are easily accessible online. If you make the wrong decision, your business's monitoring requirements may not be met by a dependable, sufficient solution. Or, even worse, you can overspend on a system that is unnecessarily sophisticated and requires an IT specialist to run.

Security cameras are available in a variety of forms, sizes, and features that enable them to serve in a variety of contexts.

This is the reason it is important for you to understand the different types of cameras and how can they benefit you. In this blog, we are going to share the best CCTV security cameras, their applications, pros and cons.

PTZ Camera

PTZ or Pan-Tilt-Zoom security cameras have the ability to manually modify the field of view utilizing a remote operator or software programs to follow individuals or movement. These advanced cameras have the ability to pan, rotate, zoom, and follow specific subjects in real time.


PTZ cameras have a wide field of view, however they're usually utilized in combination with stationary security cameras. Today, Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras make up the majority of street cameras in big public areas.


  • It spans any space in 360 degrees.
  • You might be able to lower the number of cameras in a certain location thanks to their capacity to cover wide areas.
  • Anyone who has access to the software may control these motorized gadgets to react to or track intruders.
  • They can also be set up to follow manual patterns, in which case they can "autopilot" view predetermined regions.


  • The costliest security cameras are PTZs, which can only observe and record the area in which they are pointed at any given moment.
  • These systems require additional configuration, software programming, and motors.

Dome Security Cameras

The discreet shape of dome security cameras makes them normally install without the requirement for extra enclosure for exposed cables. The dome housing's lens may be fixed or motorized based on the bullet camera within.


Many people use these compact cameras both inside and outside.


  • These security cameras that can withstand vandalism conceal their direction of view.
  • Their dome shells offer impact, defocusing, and redirection resistance.


  • Dome cameras provide less versatility in lens selection and megapixel rate than PTZ cameras.

Thermal Security Cameras

Objects that are invisible to the human eye can be captured by security cameras with thermal imaging capability. These surveillance cameras are able to recognize the heat generated or reflected by persons and objects even in low-light conditions or when employing reflected heat.


Typically, inanimate objects or gases were captured by thermal security cameras in low-visibility situations, such as foggy or forested areas. Thermal cameras, have lately become a great method of temperature monitoring, especially when the world was fighting with the pandemic.


  • Perfect for cloudy or obstructed areas.
  • It can also be used to screen temperatures.


  • Only what the heat-sensors record is captured by these cameras in terms of detail.
  • Thermal cameras can be pricey.


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