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Plantronics Headsets in Dubai Everything You Need To Know

Quality Headsets for Effective Audio Transmission

In our new world of technology, headsets have become ubiquitous. With so many software, plug-ins, connectors, and alternatives to choose from... What do you do first?

You must first identify the type of Plantronics headset in Dubai before learning how to use it. Plantronics wireless headphones are available in different styles:

Corded Headsets

There are three common techniques for plugging a headset into a phone among the hundreds available on the market:

1) An amplifier, which connects to the handset port on your phone, is required for many older and more basic phones.

2) Many newer phones feature a modular headset port that you can plug into, which is normally found on the bottom of the phone.

3) A 2.5mm headset port on the side of your phone to attach a headset into has been chosen by a few manufacturers.

You'll need two components to create a corded commercial grade headset solution: the headset or the amplifier or a fast (bottom) wire.

Wireless Headsets

When it comes to wireless headsets, there are two common ports to put a wireless headset into on your phone:

1) The most frequent method is to connect the wireless base/charger to the handset connector on your phone.

2) Many newer phones feature a modular headset port to plug the base into, which is normally situated on the bottom of the phone.

You'll plug into your handset port on most phones. To use, press the Call Control Side button of the headset to turn it on. After that, lift your handset and place it on the side of your device. It will either link you to your caller or give you a dial tone so you may begin calling on your phone. Once a call is made, you are free to move around your workplace while speaking. Put your handset back in the cradle to end the conversation and press the Call Control Button to switch off your headset.

Home Headsets

You have several options and decisions to be made if you want to use a headset at home for hands-free ease. A phone headset system is a stand-alone phone that communicates using a corded headset. You may also use a wireless headset with the same configuration to travel about your house and get features like caller ID on the keypad. If you have cordless phones at home, you probably have a 2.5mm jack that you can use to put in a headset. Last but not least, consider investing in a headset system that connects to your existing single-line or multi-line phone.

Mobile Handsets

As mobile phones and cellular phones continue to grow in popularity, the headset business has kept up by releasing new models on a regular basis. A 2.5mm headset port may be found on the side or top of most mobile phones, allowing you to quickly and simply connect a headset. The Apple iPhone's 3.5mm plug makes headset use more difficult, although there are workarounds. Bluetooth technology has taken the globe by storm, allowing you to connect your phone to a tiny, wireless headphone. With many buttons for volume and call control, it's a little more difficult to operate, and you'll have to get into the habit of charging it often.


Overall, utilizing a Plantronics wireless headset is fairly simple, whether for your workplace phone, PC, or mobile phone. It's a breeze from there after your demands have been evaluated and the finest compatible headphones have been selected.