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Post Lockdown Tips For CCTV Camera Installation

The finest technological invention is the security camera. CCTV cameras may be quite useful in a city where crime and other anti-social elements are on the rise. The installation of CCTV is more frequent in businesses and offices, but in recent years, residential CCTV installations have also increased. You are more than likely to commit errors during a CCTV installation, leading to insufficient control, ineffective storage, and poor coverage. By hiring experts, you can be confident that you have the ideal configuration for your purposes and that these issues will be resolved.

Think about the illumination you need.

Always make sure that your cameras have good lighting in the region you want to watch. Before using a nighttime security system to monitor space, bad lighting should always be corrected since it can make monitoring challenging or impossible.

Set up the cameras for the viewing area properly.

Position your cameras so they can see the region for which they are meant as a general rule. They may have a smaller field of vision and experience blind patches if you position them in the corners.

Cover or conceal your wires

Avoid exposing wires that are easily reachable since they can be cut. The wire will be concealed in conduit by a qualified security camera installer, safeguarding it or at the very least making accessing it more challenging.

Use wired security cameras only.

Installing a wireless camera system can be expensive for businesses, so avoid doing so unless you have a sizable budget. Additionally, the purpose of video monitoring is to make people feel safer. Even if wireless technology has improved, a wired surveillance system is still less "hackable" than wireless technology.

Install CCTV cameras to keep an eye on secret doors

Burglars can enter through basement windows and doors, rear windows, and back doors. In order to prevent potential criminals from breaking in and setting off the burglar alarm before they can steal anything, ensure your cameras cover these regions.

Think about your lighting

Make sure there is sufficient and constant illumination in the area that will be under surveillance so that the camera can capture identifying information, such as face characteristics. Where there is inadequate lighting, think about utilizing a CCTV camera with night vision capabilities.

Lock up your gear

In relation to the aforementioned aspect, you must make sure to protect an IoT (Internet of Things) linked camera system from outside hackers. Change your system's default factory passwords, and use any security measures it may have. DDoS assaults have long been launched using web-based webcams that have been taken over. Secure it. You want your CCTV system to serve you, not criminals.


In general, conduct your research before considering installing a video surveillance system at your place of business, especially post-COVID. Answer the question "Why do you think you need cameras?" for yourself. Decide what you expect from the system. What specifically do you want to see?

You should be well on your way to deciding what your surveillance camera system should look like if you have the aforementioned advice and those solutions at your disposal.

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