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Why your Business need to Invest in Grand Stream IP PBX

People are the most valuable asset for businesses and organizations of all sizes. The major determinant of success is how they interact, communicate, and work together. Using the correct unified communication technology may help to improve the way a company operates, resulting in a more productive and effective operation.

Choosing the proper unified communication platform for a new business may be difficult: figuring out what you need and what features are most essential will help you limit your options and design a tailored solution for your deployment.

In this article, we'll cover how the Grandstream IP PBX series may fit into your implementation.

On-Premises IP PBX Solution

An on-premise IP PBX often requires an IT staff or system admin to set up the network, manage upgrades, improvements, and ongoing management. On-premise solutions are often utilized by businesses that operate in a single location, such as an office building, warehouse, call center, or other sites that require voice-only communication. The UCM Series IP PBXs from Grandstream are suited for a premise-based UC system.

  • Less recurring costs and more features and configurations mean you'll save money over time.
  • SMBs and corporations with the technical resources to administer the system and utilize premium features and connectors
  • A robust or high availability system is deployed by organizations where time is critical.
  • An on-premise IP PBX allows you to manage, monitor, and control the security of your system from within your own network, giving you complete control over your security.

Cloud-Based IP PBX Solution

A virtual cloud-based software can be accessed from any place through the internet and is offered by a service provider, thus no physical equipment is required on-site. This implies that the whole network is managed and administered in the cloud by the service provider, and the company pays a monthly fee for the communication system as well as network administration and, in certain cases, particular feature add-ons.

  • Small firms and start-ups without access to IT workers for system updates and maintenance are at a disadvantage.
  • Organizations that utilize off-the-shelf software and don't require bespoke interfaces with third-party platforms
  • Companies looking for low-maintenance solutions, since the hosted provider handles maintenance and upgrades.
  • Companies with a large number of employees prefer to interact via smartphones and laptops/desktops.

Hybrid IP PBX Solution

Grandstream IP PBX also comes with hybrid IP PBX systems that offer both on-premises and cloud solutions to give a competitive edge to your business. The Grandstream is a one-of-a-kind hybrid solution that blends cloud and on-premise features. Businesses may benefit from a secure, on-premise-based solution under their complete control with the possibility to use it remotely from anywhere with the Grandstream IP PBX, allowing every organization to adapt its UC needs.

  • Custom speech capabilities such as IVR, call queue, call recording, call forwarding, conferencing, etc.
  • Unite geographically distributed sites on a single, centrally located IP PBX.
  • Support for advanced data through fax, call detail records, business phonebook integration, and system backup.