Grandstream PBX System

Grandstream telephony systems provide organizations with an innovative IP PBX system with high-level productivity and efficiency features. This form of telephony is available in different as well as several models, which helps the businesses to satisfy the needs of maximum users. We at Bluechip offers you a large variety of desk phones that helps in meeting your every communication needs.

Reliability at your Disposal with Latest Telephone Features

Grandstream telephone comprises of several features such as conference calling, extension dialing, company directory, call holding, and call transfer. If your organization is looking for elegant desk phones that are precisely designed to produce crystal-clear sound, then Grandstream is all you need. This IP PBX telephone system provides you with a resourceful and modish set of technological features, helping you to make your telecommunication desires come true.

Each organization is looking forward to making their communication work smoothly and efficiently, which is why the Grandstream IP PBX System is the best solution for you as they provide you with enterprise-rank communication proficiencies. The organizations can implement the system at whatever place they want, as it offers them with features like video conferencing, web conference, peer-to-peer video, CRM integration, instant messaging, calendar access, and presence.

Organizations can keep stride with the state-of-the-art unified communication systems and latest phone features with the Grandstream IP PBX telephone system. With this form of the telephony system, you can easily create the most resourceful mobile as well as remote workforce effortlessly and reasonably priced.

Ensuring Effective Communication to Meet your Needs

At the same time, this telephony system upsurges communication capacity and competences at the time your business expands. The products manufactured by Grandstream communication systems are known as the most effective tools throughout the world in order to gain business as well as customer efficiency.

The communication systems connect the telephone lines with an organization’s headquarters, data centers, and branch offices so that the communication can be facilitated through the service provider. With Grandstream having the best trunking features, it helps the organizations to gain amazing support at additional prices.

As the wireless technology is replacing the expensive traditional telephony systems, it helps in meeting the calls from a branch office or head office to other locations over the internet, aiming at reasonable pricing.

In addition to this, it enables organizations to embrace united communication in an easy and efficient manner, making communications a more dependable and consistent medium. With this technology at your disposal, you can accept the best source of communication throughout.


Grandstream GRP2613 Carrier


GRP2601P IP Phone


Grandstream IP Video Phone for Android


Grandstream 2604P Carrier-Grade IP Phone




Grandstream GXP1615

Grandstream PBX features



Your office manager will have more opportunity to focus with an auto-attendant since they will spend less time routing as well as re-routing callers to the correct location. Callers are guided through a basic set of recorded selections to the correct extension or person. This reduces the number of inbound calls that require a live operator, saving the firm both time and money.

Call Controls


When considering VOIP choices for a new phone system, having the ability to regulate calls is one of the most significant features. Monitoring, whispering, barging, and recording features allow you to tailor your calls to your preferences.



One of the most well-known and often utilised features of a telephone system is voicemail. In the absence of the user, Grandstream Voicemail enables callers to leave a voice mail message that may be playback later.

Call Forwarding


Your extension can be sent to a mobile phone, a normal phone, or another employee via Call Forwarding. You may transmit your extension and accept calls from wherever you are when you leave the workplace.

Call Screening


Before getting connected to your extension or department, callers must say their names through phone screening. This function is beneficial for busy employees who only wish to answer calls on a case-by-case basis.

Call Monitoring


Calls may be monitored for quality assurance or training sessions. For example, a rookie salesperson may use this functionality to watch calls from more experienced employees in order to improve their sales abilities.

Why Select Grandstream PBX For Your Business?

Grandstream PBX is a flexible and cost-effective headquarters and branch solution. Grandstream's phone systems are scalable and simple to set up. For individuals with a rudimentary understanding of telephone system infrastructure, the setting is also rather straightforward.

It's a comprehensive solution for small and medium-sized organisations. Grandstream Telephone systems may be scaled from three to about two thousand extensions to meet your office's demands. The Grandstream IP PBX System combines PBX features with IP technology's dependability. As a result, you can have a comprehensive commercial communication system.