SIP Phone

IP telephony Dubai provides various advantages and sophisticated features over traditional phone systems, including multi-party calling capabilities. Large, small, and midsize organisations (SMBs) each require a unique conference call solution that allows several individuals to participate in the same conversation. Conference calling capabilities are built right into commercial VoIP providers' offerings. Only a router, modem, and phone are required for a VoIP setup.

Bluechip Infrastructure offers clients a variety of IP PBX systems that may be tailored to meet their specific requirements. Our staff of highly skilled engineers works efficiently to deliver quality and provides installation and maintenance on all major PBX systems, making us one of the leading IP Phone Solution Companies in Dubai. Working with Bluechip guarantees that you will only obtain the best and most appropriate IP phone solutions for your Dubai-based business.

To ensure continual development and customer pleasure, we make your phone system dependable, cost-effective, and technologically creative. Our IP Phone services in Dubai are offered to businesses in a variety of locations and sectors. Regardless of the size of your installation, Bluechip telephony solutions provide perfect IP phone installation and configuration.

Best Communication with SIP Phones

We are the most dependable supplier in the UAE market, and we are well-known for delivering top-brand items. We provide a large selection of top-of-the-line gadgets for consumers to choose from, including well-known telecom technology brands. Bluechip is a Dubai-based firm that has been providing IP phones, IP phone systems, and related accessories for several years.

Communication is an important aspect of any business, and it has its own influence on its success. An effective and finest IP PBX device may provide all of the necessary characteristics to function both outside and inside the business, allowing for smooth communication between clients and staff. 

On the other hand, it is contingent on the benefits that you may derive from the most recent PBX System technology. Our primary goal is to provide capable internal and external communication in an eye-catching manner in order to boost the user's company's professionalism.

SIP HD Calls Ensures Reliability and Cost-Cuttings

With IP telephony, you may make high-definition calls. Your calls will not break out if you use the right provider, and your voices will remain clear and accurate. If you're worried about the privacy of making calls over the Internet, there's a lot of useful information here. The information is encrypted from the sender to the receiver. Even if a call is recorded, the packets are made worthless. Secure internet services use the same tried-and-true encryption technologies as this system.

SIP telephony can help you save money by lowering call costs and removing the need for additional equipment. Without the need for pricey hardware, cloud-based systems may manage all of your conversations. You don't need to invest a lot of money in equipment because you can rent it.

Larger companies that need a more concentrated approach might benefit from IP technology. SIP also offers leased-line solutions in addition to cloud hosting as a hybrid service. ISDN connections are more expensive than IP telephony lines, which are fast becoming outdated.