Odoo ERP/CRM Dubai

If you operate a business, regardless of its size, you may wish to employ a smart business management tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations. Because of their capacity to streamline and simplify key company tasks and procedures, an increasing number of firms across all industries and sectors are embracing different business management tools. If you want to manage your business activities and processes using a sophisticated business management tool, Odoo ERP is a good option.

ODOO, originally known as OpenERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is a platform that allows businesses to effortlessly manage the fundamentals of their operations, including supplies and warehouse management, human resources, administration, accountancy, sales, and a variety of other functions. Odoo may be used by enterprises of all sizes and is accessible in the cloud or on-premise. Odoo software is very adaptable due to its open-source nature. Developers have access to the code and can edit it to change the modules to meet the needs of a company.

Why Choose Odoo?


By incorporating ODOO into your organisation, you will have access to over a thousand modules that may be utilised to boost productivity and work volume.


When you ensure that the system works, you'll see how simple it is to make modifications that boost your productivity. Working with ODOO is a breeze.


Because ODOO is a system that changes itself in response to new technologies, you'll never miss a technological upgrade.


When deciding on an ERP solution for your company, you must consider the cost and return on investment. The application's pricing is the most important consideration in making a selection.

All-in-One Software

Odoo is a complete set of business apps and modules that are critical for any company, regardless of size or industry.

Implementing and Using Odoo CRM

Odoo provides its users with a one-hour becoming started video that guides them through the Odoo ERP and CRM systems. Odoo also offers video training for all of its modules and apps to help you become a system expert. To assist new users in better understanding the program, Odoo provides an Odoo demo along with a 15-day free trial to all of its users.

The website, which contains an online Odoo demo, User Guides, a download link, a Help Forum, and Events, such as Odoo Experience, is available to free Odoo users. Bluechip IT Company in Dubai can assist you in ensuring a successful odoo installation. We can assist ensure the management is done from beginning to finish and that you get the most out of your efforts thanks to our expertise in working with customers in many industrial sectors.

Our Odoo Dubai team has integrated and modified Odoo in a variety of enterprises across a wide range of industries. Our consulting services encompass both on-site and off-site visits. We provide a free one-time consultation to learn about your company and make recommendations for a feasible implementation strategy. We make everything and everything possible, from billing automation to the 3-way matching of your business costs. To get started, give us a call right now.