Unleash Full Potential with Office 365

Microsoft 365 is the natural alternative for people who are presently using Microsoft Office as organisations progressively shift to the cloud. Our security solutions at Bluechip are built to operate flawlessly with Microsoft 365, allowing for quick and easy implementation, lower costs, and higher availability.

Bluechip has been embracing Office 365 from its inception, allowing us to continuously improve and grow our technology. With uniform security labelling and intuitive, simple-to-use tools, our security classification solutions for email and documents make it easy to categorise your content in cloud-based settings, as well as on desktop and mobile.

Our Office 365 services are created to aid you in defining, designing, and transitioning your company successfully.

Avail End-to-End Services with Bluechip

Microsoft Security

Bluechip can make sure your Microsoft 365 set-up complies with security & compliance requirements and incorporates security safeguards to avoid data loss.

SharePoint Services

Microsoft 365 includes a SharePoint application, allowing your company to have a file-sharing solution that meets your demands.

Microsoft 365 Back-up

We'll make sure that your Microsoft 365 setup protects your data no matter how it's used or where it's stored.

Data Migration Services

Our staff will guarantee that your email data is transferred easily to meet business needs, and will work at a time and speed that is convenient for you.

Classify Sensitive Information Seamlessly

Bluechip provides an end-to-end, cutting-edge Office 365 solution, backed by a highly skilled and experienced team of experts. Through launch meetings, awareness of timescales, and the legal and regulatory needs of your organisation, you may plan a method to make a seamless migration to the cloud.

Preparing your existing infrastructure to move to or coexist with Office 365 in an effective and efficient manner. Offering post-migration steps to ensure a hassle-free customer experience, including designing training and end-user communication materials, collaborating with your IT staff to effectively resolve problems and incidents after migration, and providing solutions for decommissioning of resources you no longer require.

Bluechip will assist your company in selecting the Microsoft package that is most suited to your needs, no matter where it is on the road to Microsoft 365. Bluechip's services do not stop here. We also provide Microsoft 365 support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Meet Your Dream of a Productive Work Environment

Every business's success depends on real-time collaboration, communication, and sophisticated analytics. With a wide range of technologies such as SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business, Power BI, and the most recent version of Office applications, Office 365 is an extremely effective cloud platform that allows your workforce to maximise their productivity, creativity, and gain a competitive advantage over the competition.

Microsoft's Office 365 service combines traditional Microsoft Office desktop apps with business-class email, instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, shared calendars, and file sharing in a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft. You'll get safe, enterprise-grade tools with Office 365 for a predictable monthly fee and no significant infrastructure costs. Working with the Office you already know, get your job done faster from nearly anywhere!