Empower Business-level Decision-Making with a Strong Server Support

The backbone of your organisation is your server and network infrastructure. Time and money are wasted due to service outages. Your drivers and software must be properly updated to keep things working smoothly, which might divert your limited but vital IT resources like IP CCTV Camera UAE, Pabx systems in Dubai, Ip telephony in dubai etc away from other important initiatives.

Bluechip's server and network maintenance and management services enable companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to regain time spent on small IT tasks. For optimal performance and dependability, we ensure that your network equipment, systems, and applications are correctly provisioned, protected, and optimised. Our staff offers both remote and on-site tech assistance to guarantee that any difficulties are swiftly and satisfactorily fixed.

Managed Dedicated Servers solutions to provide the highest level of performance and security. Our completely configurable dedicated server hosting solutions include real-time monitoring as well as a 100% power and network uptime guarantee.

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Enhanced Server Solutions/Services and Best-in-Class Support

Servers are a critical component for practically all businesses functioning in today's fast-paced environment. Your company's server system maintains the applications, networking, security, and information that are essential to day-to-day operations.

Enterprise-level, small, and mid-sized organisations all require the greatest IT infrastructure available, but maintaining an IT team on staff may eat up a significant chunk of your budget. Managed Servers from Managed Technology provide IT solutions without the need for resources that a small business might not have.

Enterprise-Level Server Solutions with Bluechip


A single minute of downtime may have a significant impact on your business, so we'll keep an eye on your servers at all times to assist prevent problems. Spyware, antivirus, and other security features are all included.


Through remote troubleshooting, our expert tech staff can handle practically any issue. We offer a 24-hour call centre to handle any difficulties, and our experts will rapidly resolve them.


Our organisation monitors and maintains your backup solution so that you don't lose any important data in the event of a rare problem. Allowing the professionals to assist your organisation will provide you with a great deal of peace of mind.

Standard Services 

Whether you require OS configuration, standard administration, specialised support, or another service, our experts will be able to assist you.

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Server Solutions Catered to Your Needs

Bluechip provides the most reliable managed dedicated server solutions to meet your company's requirements. Our dedicated server solutions come with Proactive Monitoring and Server Security and are available. Depending on your company's demands, you may choose from a variety of server solution plans.

We are a one-of-a-kind support system dedicated to your company, complete with independent management and the direction you require. Because all of our services are centred on this purpose, we exist to ensure that our clients get the most out of their demands.

Our support staff is always available to assist you with monitoring your servers, managing risk, and optimising performance.