Businesses Can Use World-Class Cloud Server Hosting To Enhance Their Online Growth

We provide fully managed dedicated servers with Windows hosting to our clients, ensuring continuous server operations by providing all updates, maintenance, backup, disaster recovery, updates, server optimization, and settings necessary to keep these servers running at peak performance levels. Bluechip is currently extremely well-known in the UAE for its services and solutions and is regarded as one of the most secure data centre infrastructure communities for all of these reasons.

No worries if your hosting requirements are tough or you are unsure where to begin. Our specialists are happy to help you create the ideal solution. You will be provided with the precise services you require to simplify your organisation within a certain time limit. Our Specialists are available to answer any questions you may have regarding selecting a Windows server or a location.

End-to-End Services by Bluechip

Cloud Servers

Cloud Servers are cloud-based virtual, scalable, and trustworthy servers. You'll be able to select your own operating system with the resources you require as your company grows.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers are powerful, versatile, and dependable, giving you total control over how your server is configured and handled.

Private Cloud Computing

A robust platform that lets your infrastructure grow with your company. For you and your company, high performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness are essential.

A robust and scalable solution from a Qualified Windows Servers Service Provider

Bluechip's trained Windows Server Support staff will be available to assist you no matter what your needs are. It makes no difference where you are in Dubai; simply tell us everything you need with your Windows server, and our team of specialists will help you. At Bluechip, we have a number of Windows server experts on staff.

They can assist you in setting up your organisation using the most recent Windows server installation kits. If you currently have a Windows server, our experts can also help you upgrade from an older version of Windows Server to a newer one. Whether you need to migrate from an older Domain Controller, E-mail Exchange Server, or Remote Desktop Services to a newer Windows server, our team can handle it for you.

Windows server support is available for versions as early as Windows Server 2000 and 2003, 2008, and 2012. We can also assist you with the more recent 2016 and current 2019 Windows Server versions.

Server Solutions

Bluechip specialises in the installation, administration, and support of commercial servers in any sector. Our technical team can help you find a solution that matches your demands while also meeting industry standards. 

Discuss your business setup to find the best option for you and your company.

Managed Server Solutions

A managed server solution bundles services with the server hardware you need. Anti-virus protection and dependable backups are included in the package. We'll also take after and monitor your hardware warranty.

Talk to our IT team about your needs, and we'll create a solution just for you.