Best IT Company in UAE
Best IT Company in UAE
Best IT Company in UAE
Best IT Company in UAE

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A Thriving Force in Unlocking the Digital Potential

With the technological transformations hitting the world, it has become critical for the organization to maintain the pace in order to stay parallel with the constantly changing technology. Technical advancements and evolution are rapid that it makes it extremely difficult for businesses, especially non-tech, to fit into the present business environment.

The service providers today are challenged by far-reaching alterations to their business atmosphere, and as we can see them taking every single step in order to stay ahead from their completion, we also find them creating leaner operations that can work with their business model.

Our team at Bluechip ensures to provide you with all the necessary IT support and solutions in Dubai. Moreover, our experts will help in delivering you with the much needed technical support, latest tools, service maintenance, and other features that aid in meeting your everyday IT needs.

We see that most of the IP Telephony Solution Provider in Dubai make efforts to change their regular services to innovative next-gen solutions in order to provide utmost customer satisfaction as well as enhance the customer experience for attracting more and more patrons. However, there are several IT service providers still struggling to validate the value-added services to their clients in the prevailing era, while at the same time being competent operationally.


Leveraging as the Best Telecom Service Provider in Dubai

In the past few years, our growth in the IT and telecom sector has sustained the belief of several organizations, making them exponentially rise in terms of information technology, network security, and telecommunication solutions. Every corporation in Dubai that has connected with our team has experienced nothing but contentment, which is why we are known as the most reliable IT and telecom solution providers in Dubai.

With the arrival of next-generation technologies, 5G, artificial intelligence, blockchain, wireless access services,CCTV Security Camera Installation in Dubai, IP PBX telephony, we can see the demand for telecom systems in the UAE and the Middle East has increased considerably. We believe that with the technological trends, organizations can get easy access to the avant-garde tools and software, which helps them in meeting their forthcoming business endeavors.

At Bluechip, we intend to deliver tractability and efficiency to the organizations, as well as our intention is to provide them with end-to-end solutions with the intention of elevating the efficiency, shape the operating costs, and augment innovation. We empower telecommunication companies to retain stride with the rapidly changing solitude of telecom services as well as aid in segmenting the businesses towards the next level of facility endowment.

Unlock the Potential

With our services, the organizations will be able to refurbish their existing telecom functions as well as gain user experiences in a cycle with the vigorously transmuting technological progressions.

Elevate the Capability

In this cutting-edge competition, we help the organizations to swiftly transform the technological climate, also gain extensive experience and expertise that will help them in their prevailing journey.

Roadmap to Transform

Our team helps you in sustaining your business with every technical advancement, as technology is evolving swiftly, so we help you to meet the challenges of maintaining productivity.

The Wave of Telecom Transforming to Drive Customer Experience

When it comes to providing customer satisfaction, we pride ourselves on excelling. Bluechip expedites improvements as the leading telecommunication service provider in Dubai, as well proudly known as the best telecom vendors in the UAE. Running well throughout the value chain of telecom service, we help our consumers in refining margins, which are needed to be improved in the callous competition in the telecom sector today.

In addition to this, based on the customer’s feedback, we always try to add on the services as well as help them to provide customized solutions that adequately meets their needs and requirements. Our team of experts at Bluechip are riding in the lane of telecom transformation, finding different solutions to revolutionize the industry and drive the best customer experience.

However, the technicalities of operating in a corporate sector have changed drastically, which has somehow brought several, yet complex revolutions in the prior business model. The organizations are transforming rapidly from a bequest telecom service provider to an all-round managed service provider that aims to deliver not only the IT service but also provides the clients with telecom and network security solution, helping the organization to keep their focus on business maneuvers.

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VOIP Phone System

VoIP Phone Systems ("IP PBX") are new technology based, reliable and scalable, it not only integrates voice, nut also the video, data, and mobility, to optimize collaboration and communications for businesses of all sizes. IP Telephone systems in Dubai uses your existing IP data network (LAN) to process voice calls and handle system administration. This offers various advantages over traditional digital business phone systems. Whether you’re moving to a new office or opening a brand new one, choosing the right business IP telephony systems is critical. An office move is a perfect time to make the transition to an IP PBX system that puts your company ahead on the curve.



A Traditional PABX System is a phone switching system that widely used in offices and plants, allowing a single access number to offer multiple lines to outside callers while providing a range of external lines to internal callers or staff. IT Company Dubai offer the full range of PABX SYSTEMS including analog PABX and Hybrid PABX.The primary purpose of a PABX / PBX is to save the cost of requiring a line for each user to the telephone company's central office.A traditional PABX system may not include the advanced business features offered by many IP Telephony Solution in Dubai. Still, it is in the picture with its cost effectiveness and reliability.


PBX / PABX Support

IT Company Dubai offers complete package of project management, supply chain management, installation, and end-to-end support of Telephone system, PBX / PABX and other Business Telephony Products from manufacturers including Panasonic, Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, Dlink, Digium, Samsung, Lg- Ericsson, Yeastar, Grandstream, and NEC. We have several years of experience in telephone system maintenance and installation services. Our services cover all parts of UAE. Our levels of services include: Standard Support, Priority Support and Premier Support. We deal in different telephony system product that reduces an impact of business loss while maintaining complex solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

VoIP has several advantages for organizations, including cheaper costs, improved accessibility, portability, and scalability. It may also make it much simpler for employees to work remotely.

Your contract will determine this. In some circumstances, all calls are free in exchange for a monthly fee. In some, you may just have to pay a smaller monthly price along with a little fee for some or all calls.

VoIP is no different from other internet-connected devices in that it is subject to hacking attempts.

Nevertheless, because the networks are continually watched over and secured, VoIP is still a fairly safe way of communication. Additional security will be offered by an on-premises VoIP installation.

Most VoIP calls have call quality that is superior to or on par with calls made on regular phones. A VoIP call's quality is heavily influenced by your internet connection's quality because it is internet-based.

No, there are VoIP phones available that operate without a computer and connect to the internet directly using either wifi or an ethernet connection.

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