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Business Phone System Installation Dubai

Whether you’re after a straightforward setup or a more intricate phone system with lots of users, we’ve got you covered. Our phone system service, for both homes and businesses, is as professional as it gets. We handle every aspect of the installation process, including site visits when necessary, to ensure a smooth transition to your new phone system. What sets us apart is our dedication to your needs. We prioritize client service requests, guarantee swift emergency response times, and provide comprehensive training for both end-users and your system. And here’s the best part – our competitive pricing fits your budget.

Our solutions and expert installations create a seamless communication experience for your business. When it comes to installing a new phone system, you should only trust an integrator with ample experience and in-house expertise. Your communication needs are in capable hands.

Expert Deployment of your Telecommunication Systems in Dubai

Bluechip, Dubai is a one-stop solution, helping you with easy IP phone system installation in your office as well as aid in managing the telecom system that can be arrayed on-premises or in the cloud. We have collaborated with the leading companies like Avaya, Dlink, Samsung, Grandstream, Panasonic, and many more, using the popular IP PBX phones as well as SIP trunks, you get the complete freedom of choosing your own telephone system.

Your business can have myriad of requirements, and some can be simple while others can be complicated, at Bluechip, our team of telecom and network engineers ensures that you can meet all your business solutions efficiently. Furthermore, we assist you in crafting a tailor-made telephone system for your business, ensuring smooth and effective communication with both your colleagues and clients. When it comes to phone system installation, it’s crucial to rely on trusted service providers. And when you have authorized service providers like Samsung and Panasonic at your disposal, why would you consider anyone else? It’s all about securing a reliable and reputable solution for your communication needs.

Phone System installation

Once you collaborate with us, this is what you get, reliability, and products from the leading manufacturers. Bluechip is proud to offer Avaya, Samsung, Dlink, Panasonic, Grandstream, and Cisco products for your telecom solutions for the reason we know that these are the best and most consistent solutions provided in the market.

Phone System Installation Dubai

An Experienced Team Helping you With IP Phones Installation

Our team ensures that once the telephones systems are installed in your offices, all of our products are provided by the leading manufacturers that will help your business to meet your organizational telephony needs.

Most of you have seen these latest telephone systems in action, so we know you all agree to the reliability and proficiency of these telephone systems. At Bluechip, our team ensures that all your telephones and IT products are of high-quality as well as our team of professionals help you with effective support and service.
You need to know that the phone system installation can be multifaceted. Any inaccuracies in terms of installation that are made in the initial phase can result in significant complications later, which can be expensive as well as a time-consuming process.

Collaborate with the Leading Telephone System Providers

At Bluechip, we have well-versed and experienced engineers who have been serving in the IT and telecom industry for years and possess years of experience in telephone installation. In reality, our specialists are always ready to provide you with efficient support and solutions for your telecommunication needs.

By taking our services, you can experience only brilliance, and you are going to save a lot in terms of finances, resources, and time. As we provide you with an IT AMC contract, if subscribed, you don’t need an additional head for your system repair issue. Moreover, with our experienced technicians, you will only get the best, no need for repairs that are caused by an inexpert installer.
Bluechip is proud to be an authorized with Samsung, Panasonic, Dlink, Grandstream, Yeastar, and Avaya products. The companies that are known to provide excellent telecommunication products into the corporate, as well as household sectors.

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