Door access & time attendance machine

Door access & time attendance machine

With a responsive working culture, it has become crucial for employers to keep track of their workforce in order to maintain decorum and dedicated working environment. In the present scenario, the biometric attendance device is considered as an essential part of any organization. Companies throughout Dubai are incorporating door access or biometric attendance systems in their offices.

Achieve Dedicated Workforce with Time Attendance Machine

Bluechip helps the corporations to become more proficient by integrating quality access and automation solutions into their routine functioning like using an ID card system, time attendance system, door access systems, access control system, and many more. Using the door access machine on your premises can also help you to prevent any intruders from entering the premises and causing any catastrophe.

Whether it is a small organization of a multi-million corporation, it is crucial for all corporations to make available a safe and sound working environment for their staff as well as have protected solutions for their properties. In order to achieve this, you need to ensure that access to your premises is only permitted to that the authorized staff members, and to achieve this, implementing the access control features in your organization is the ideal solution.

Door access
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Access control systems ensure that all entrance points to your premises are protected with the latest technological devices that are installed to identify and log the individual entering your premises. You can achieve this by using staff badges, finger identification, retina access, or biometric control. Technology has changed our lives drastically, where it is making it easy for us to live and work around, at the same time, it is making it difficult for the intruders challenging to cross.

Door access

Technology for Diverse Working Environment

Bluechip focusses on providing you with the high-end devices for door access and time attendance machine, where our engineers can help you with the installation of these access control systems for your residential and commercial premises. We are counted as the most respected and reliable company in Dubai, which is all set in providing you with professional expertise and automated solutions for your door access control.

Door access and time attendance machine aids in providing several advantages to organizations, as it helps the employer to gain complete control of the premises as well as monitor the working hours of employees. This significantly contributes to govern labor costs by decreasing additional payments of not being present in the office. Earlier, the manual log system was used to keep track of the employees, wherewith unintentional transcription error, and it might lead the organizations to pay the staff without even being present.

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With the help of the access control systems, the chances of any interpretation error or intentional error are null. With the incorporation of these automated systems in the organization, the manual processes have also been eliminated significantly in Dubai, along with the additional staff and money that was required to maintain them is also reduced. Time and again, we have seen this being extremely difficult to act in accordance with labor guidelines, which is why implementing this system will ensure acquiescence with these regulations on the subject of severing as the proof to attendance.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Attendance can be recorded using various machines, such as biometric devices (fingerprint scanners, facial recognition), RFID card readers, PIN-based systems, and even mobile apps.

Accurate Attendance Records – Eliminates manual errors and discrepancies in tracking employee work hours.
Streamlined Payroll – Provides accurate data for calculating salaries and benefits.
Compliance – Ensures adherence to labor laws and regulations.
Increased Efficiency – Reduces administrative workload and time spent on attendance management.
Access Control – Integrates attendance with access control for better security.

Employees are issued RFID cards or tags encoded with unique identification data.
RFID card readers are placed at entry and exit points.
Employees scan or tap their cards near the reader to record their attendance.
The system logs the time and date of entry and exit, creating accurate attendance records

A time attendance system with RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) uses RFID cards or tags to identify and record the entry and exit of individuals. Employees or visitors swipe or present their RFID cards to the reader to log their attendance.

1. Physical Access Control – Regulates entry to physical locations, often using card readers, biometric scanners, or PINs.
2. Logical Access Control – Manages digital access to networks, databases, and systems through usernames, passwords, or multi-factor authentication.
3. Biometric Access Control – Relies on unique physiological traits like fingerprints or facial recognition to grant access.

As of my last update in September 2021, there are various reputable time attendance system providers in Dubai, including ZKTeco, Suprema, and HID Global. However, I recommend researching the latest options and checking user reviews to determine the best system for your specific needs.

Access control and time attendance system is a security solution used by organizations to manage and monitor the entry and exit of individuals into their premises. It also tracks employee attendance for accurate record-keeping. These systems ensure that authorized personnel can access designated areas while maintaining a log of their activities.


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