Protecting businesses against potential threats and vulnerabilities is a top priority. Deciding on security enhancements and the implementation of effective security plans is crucial. While some small companies may require basic security surveillance, others operating in high-risk environments should employ more advanced security measures. Upgrading security with a focus on protection and productivity improvement is becoming a common practice for businesses. Thanks to the affordability and accessibility of technology, CCTV surveillance has become a prevalent security tool in workplaces, offering owners a cost-effective and easily installable solution.

Strength your Security with Surveillance Cameras

There is a growing faith in the effectiveness of CCTV security systems. Many organizations that previously underestimated security concerns are now realizing the importance of security services and systems. This shift in awareness has led to an increased demand for security products, including cameras and recording systems. Companies are taking a more serious approach to protect their assets and facilities from potential threats, such as theft, damage, or other security breaches.

In a reliable business environment, it is important for the owners to deploy CP plus CCTV Camera Dubai for reinforcing security in order to forfend any unfortunate instances. With the advent of technology, the implementation of CCTV cameras has become the most common on-site security tool for organizations as well as households. This security protocol is affordable as well as the installation takes minimum effort, though Bluechip helps you with the CCTV installation in Dubai so that you can ensure an effective security segment.

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The certainty of the security cameras is increasing rapidly, as a reason for this CP plus CCTV system has turned out to be one of the most purchased security camera brands in Dubai. A number of organizations that have often unnoticed the security issues before are becoming more aware and taking time to scrutinize their security service systems, which indeed aids in meeting the demands for the CCTV products and recording systems. CP Plus systems are extensively acclaimed security brand in the market.

CP Plus CCTV Cameras

Improve your On-Site Security with CP Plus Cameras

When it comes to on-site security, it is crucial for the organizations to seriously look at their protection systems in order to safeguard their assets and amenities from any kind of damage or threat. Bluechip is renowned as an extraordinary forerunner in the security industry, providing you with a broad range of security camera products and solutions, helping you to live in peace. We have collaborated with the global leader CP Plus so that we can provide you with the avant-garde security cameras.

Proudly known as the leading hardware distributors in Dubai, we provide you with CP plus CCTV cameras, from the manufacturers itself, known for providing the consumers with the latest manufactured security cameras. We deliver you with the quality surveillance security cameras that are specifically supplied to meet the needs of customers. The state-of-the-art technology is used for generating a broad array of security products that you can easily pick from.

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CP plus cameras use the sensors that come with infrared sights, where the camera can easily determine the fragmentary lighting conditions as well as modify itself based on the other light conditions. Our security systems can help you in safeguarding your workforce as well as the office environment in order to bring you quality and security all together under one module.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

The price of a CCTV CP Plus system can vary significantly based on factors such as the number of cameras, camera types, features, and additional accessories. Basic kits with a few cameras can start from approximately $200 to $500, while more comprehensive systems with higher camera counts and advanced features can range from $800 to $2000 or more. 

To access CCTV on a mobile device using CP Plus, follow these steps –
1. Download and install the “gCMOB” app from the Google Play Store (Android) or “iCMOB” from the Apple App Store (iOS).
2. Open the app and tap on “Device” or “Device Manager.”
3. Tap on the “+” icon to add a new device.
4. Enter the details of your CCTV system, including the device name, IP address or domain, port number, username, and password.
5. Tap “Save” or “Add” to add the device to your app.
6. You can now view your CCTV cameras on your mobile device by selecting the added device from the list.

The default password for CP Plus CCTV cameras is usually “admin” or “123456” for most models. However, it’s highly recommended to change the default password for security reasons.

The CP Plus camera mobile app is called “gCMOB” for Android and “iCMOB” for iOS devices.

The price of a CP Plus CCTV camera with night vision can vary depending on the model and features. Entry-level models with basic night vision capabilities can start from around $50, while more advanced models with higher resolution and enhanced night vision features can range from $100 to $300 or more.


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