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Effective communication with customers and clients is a key aspect of any successful business. Telephone systems have emerged as a straightforward and dependable means of conveying messages both within and outside the company to customers and clients. It’s considered a remarkable technological invention. Thanks to ongoing telecom advancements, communication has become more straightforward and continues to improve. Bluechip provides cutting-edge office telephone systems in Dubai, ensuring you can maintain excellent communication with your clients and customers.

Our VoIP and traditional phones enable you to effortlessly connect with potential clients through voice and video calls worldwide. A business telephone system is a vital part of your communication setup, facilitating smooth interactions among employees and external contacts. The market is flooded with options, making it a challenging task to pick the perfect office telephone system. At IT Company Dubai, we grasp the significance of selecting a system tailored to your business’s specific requirements. Our office telephone system comes equipped with advanced features and functions, ensuring your communication needs are met with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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What is an Office Telephone System?

An office telephone system is an essential part of any business, allowing employees to communicate with clients, customers, and each other through phone calls, messaging, and video conferencing. An office telephone system can provide many benefits to your organization, including streamlined communication, improved customer service, and increased productivity.

Our office telephone systems service is all about reliability, offering everything a small business requires in a phone system, plus exceptional customer support. We blend the best of both worlds, providing a complete unified communications solution that includes an IP phone system with features like voicemail to email and more. Our goal is to assist our customers in selecting the ideal business phone system, whether it’s an IP PBX or a conventional PABX system. Our expert team is well-equipped to fulfill your phone system needs.

Choosing The Best Office Telephone System

When choosing an office telephone system, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to determine the size of your business and the number of employees who will be using the system. You also require to evaluate your budget and the elements that are most significant to your organization.

There are several types of office telephone systems to choose from, including traditional analog systems, digital systems, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. Traditional analog systems are the most basic and least expensive, but they offer limited features and functionality. Digital systems are more advanced than analog systems, but they are also more expensive. VoIP systems are the most advanced and offer the most features, but they require a reliable and high-speed internet connection.

Office Telephone System
Office Telephone System

Our Office Telephone System

At IT Company Dubai, we offer a range of office telephone systems to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. Our systems are designed to provide reliable and high-quality communication services, with advanced features that can help your business to grow and thrive.

Some of the office telephone systems we offer include:

Cisco Telephone: Designed for businesses of all sizes, offering high-quality voice and video communications, as well as advanced features like call recording, voicemail, and call forwarding.

Avaya Telephone: A leading provider of office telephone systems, offering advanced features like conference calling, call routing and call queuing, as well as reliable and high-quality voice and video communications.

Grandstream IP PBX: A powerful and affordable office telephone system with advanced features such as video conferencing, call recording, and voicemail. It also offers seamless integration with other business applications.

NEC Telephone System: A global provider of office telephone systems, offering advanced features like call routing, call queuing and call recording, as well as reliable and high-quality voice and video communications.

Yeastar MyPBX: An affordable and feature-rich office telephone system with advanced components such as video conferencing, call recording, and voicemail. It also offers seamless integration with other business applications.

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Flawless Telephony Systems in Facilitating your Business Needs

Cisco Telephone

Cisco telephony system is one of the affordable and personalized branch solutions, providing the scalable elucidations as well as can be installed with ease. Moreover, as easy as these telephone systems are to use, in the same way, the configuration is extremely simple, people with the basic information of Cisco infrastructure. This telecom system supports the congregated applications that aim to deliver the quality of service, including various communication protocols like video, content networking, Ethernet, XML services, firewall, proxy servers, DSL, and VPN.

Avaya Phone System

Avaya Telephone

Avaya telephone systems coalesce relationship solutions that are bound to create a unified engagement familiarity for your clienteles regardless of where they are located, the devices or applications are being used. The Avaya telephone system provides several features like calling, conferencing, messaging, video calling, and incorporated communications at easy and affordable prices, ensuring the organizations to aid in effective communication. Known as the complete solution, the Avaya telephone systems meet the needs and requirements of all businesses.


Grandstream IP PBX

Grandstream telephone systems are known as the affordable features in terms of telecommunication, providing the ironic telephone system for your organization in Dubai. The high-quality solutions enrich the productivity of the small or medium-sized business, ensuring the mobility and security at reasonable prices. This is a stable IP phone system, which is exclusively designed to deliver the finest class features to your business. With the integrated communication proficiencies of the Grandstream telephone system, it offers organizations with value-added features for effective communication.


Yeastar MyPBX

Yeastar MyPBX systems aid communication in an effective manner. An organization that faces a plethora of calls every day (incoming and outgoing) can gain a huge advantage by deploying the MyPBX telephone system within their office. Yeastar MyPBX system can be designated as a relatively influential IP PBX telecommunication system. These systems support primary rate interface connections, analog telephone adaptor connections, and GSM lines. The success of your organization somehow depends on effective communication, which is why you should not delay employing the latest telecom ventures.

Dlink PBX Telephone

Dlink has been providing state-of-the-art products to its clientele for a long time. With the Dlink telephone systems being the most competitive, cost-effective, as well as feature-rich products. This telephony service offers the enterprise topographies without any additional licensing fees.

When you go for the Dlink IP PBX telephone system, you won’t need to add any extra components for features. Everything you need for a modern office comes in a single box, offering both the hardware and a set number of user capabilities. This means you don’t have to invest in additional items for your IP PBX system, keeping things hassle-free.

Asterisk Phone System

Samsung IP PBX Telephone

The Samsung PBX system is designed to offer advanced data, voice, and wireless communication on a unique platform. It delivers secure IP connectivity for 21st-century communication needs. With IP PBX system providers, you get an efficient communication solution that combines the best of both new and established technologies. Samsung telephone systems are flexible, capable of meeting the needs of organizations, no matter their size or type. Your communication requirements are in good hands with Samsung.

Why Choose IT Company Dubai Office Telephone System?

At IT Company Dubai, we are determined to provide our clients with reliable and high-quality office telephone systems that meet the needs of their businesses. Our systems are designed to be easy to use and easy to maintain, with advanced features that can help your business to grow and thrive.

Enhance your office communication with an advanced office telephone system in Dubai, including professional installation services for seamless functionality.

When you choose IT Company Dubai for your office telephone system, you can enjoy:

•Reliable and high-quality communication services that are designed to meet the needs of your business.

•Seamless integration with other business applications permits you to simplify your communication and collaboration approaches.


Advanced features and functionality that can help your business to grow and thrive, including video conferencing, call recording, and voicemail.

•Affordable pricing and flexible payment options.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

An office telephone is a communication device used in a workplace to facilitate voice conversations between individuals within and outside the organization. It is a dedicated device developed for business communications, equipped with features like call transfer, conferencing, voicemail, and more.

Advantages comprise better call quality, dedicated business features, clear separation between work and personal calls, integration with office systems, and enhanced professionalism.

In order to setup an office phone system –
· Select a trusted phone provider of service.
· Select the kind of system – traditional landline, VoIP, or Cloud based.
· Buy or lease office phones with the necessary features.
· Install the phones, connect them to the network, and configure settings.
· Setup extensions, voicemail, call forwarding, and other features.
· Train workers on utilizing the system effectively.


Common parts comprise the handset, keypad, display screen, speakerphone, call buttons, and navigation buttons for menu navigation.

Yes, modern office phone systems can integrate cell phones through mobile apps or forwarding features. This enables you to make and receive office calls on your cell phone.

For internal calls, most office phone systems allow extension-to-extension dialing. For external calls, use features such as call transfer or conferencing to connect an ongoing call to another phone.

There are a number of kinds of telephones used in the office –
· Traditional landline phones
· VoIP phones
· IP phones
· Digital phones
· Cordless phones
· Conference phones
· Video phones
· Softphones
· DECT phones

Office telephones are designed for professional use with features such as call routing, conferencing, and integration with office systems. Personal phones focus on individual communication, entertainment, and social interaction, lacking business-specific features.


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