Benefits of Conference Phones and their Usage 

Living in a world where businesses are reaching heights across the globe, communication has become key to success. No business can work without proper communication whether it’s with business partners, clients, or customers. Now businesses are not only limited offline but are spreading online also. Online businesses have also generated a demand for conference phones. The conference phones are useful in terms of engaging multiple people on a call at a single moment. It helps people in the industry to look after their sales figures and profits, and hold meetings altogether with multiple people at once. 

The conference calls help the individuals in a team to stay updated with all the figures. Thus, There are several benefits of conference phones in various fields of business. 

Top Benefits of Conference Phones

1. Making Life Simpler:

In today’s era, it has become easy to approach more and more people through advanced features of technology. You can run any business with utmost ease and efficiency. With technology like VOIP, you can also talk to clients face-to-face over the Internet. Within seconds, you can ask multiple people to join and have a meeting over a call. Now there is no need to come out of your homes and run to the office in case of urgent work purposes. 

You can also record all the calls so that nothing is missed and forgotten. 

2. Increased Productivity

Regardless of location, you can discuss a conference call with clients on an urgent basis. This leads to enhancement in work productivity and instant decision-making. A person can address any urgent issue within fractions of a second to avoid any delay. Therefore, conference phones meet the productivity agenda. 

3. Saving Money

Getting everyone in one place to have a meeting is a very crucial task. It also leads to travel expenses that each individual has to incur to reach their organization. But with the introduction of conference phones, you can make calls with multiple people without any hassle.

4. Call Security

There is no need to stress about the security purposes of a conference call. These calls can be fully secured by passwords and nobody can access them. 

5. Improved Audio

It will be a difficult task to have a conversation if the sound on a call is not clear. Either party may get frustrated which can lead to a loss in business. With conference phones, the sound quality is ensured. It slows down the background echoes and noises and looks over the improvement of the voice quality.

Usage of Conference Phones

To set up a call, you need to have a dial-in and access code with you. You need to put the information manually to start with the basic steps. Here are some of the steps you need to follow to use a conference phone: 

Send a call invitation: It is important to have a dial-in number and access code to make sure everybody joins. Pick a time that is available to everyone who is going to join the meeting. 

Input the dial-in number – On the conference date and time, put the dial-in number on your desk phone and begin to join the meeting. 

Input the access codes – Enter the access code. When asked, input the PIN code too. In some cases, the access code and PIN code are joined into one and are named as a host access code. 

Wait for other participants to enter – Once you’ve entered the call, wait for other members to join and then start the meeting. 

Etiquette for Conference Calls

Some rules need to be abide by to get indulged in a conference call. Always keep in mind to listen to other members without interfering or making any disturbance. Do not shout or make noises. Always use a pleasant tone and stick to your agenda. Be punctual and join the meeting at a given time so that other members do not have to wait. 


The world has changed, and now it has become easy to gather a group of people over a call to make a business meeting. Through this, businesses are growing fast and are reaching heights at a competitive margin. No matter where you are sitting, you can make instant decisions without having to travel to your workplace. Therefore, conference phones play a crucial role in this fast-running world of technology. At IT Company Dubai, we understand the importance of seamless communication and offer state-of-the-art conference phone solutions tailored to your business needs. Our About Us section highlights our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology and exceptional service to help your business thrive in this dynamic environment. Trust IT Company Dubai to keep you connected and competitive in today’s global market

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